Vintage Hearts Jeweled Headband

$118.00 USD

Our Halo Hearts Headband is a love story in its own right. Complete with hand-sewn halo hearts atop a truly enchanting artist-printed satin, the Halo Hearts Headband just *might* be our dreamiest creation yet.

✨ Halo Hearts Headbands come packaged in a snap button PVC bag for safe storage and removal. Because we believe in protecting the family gems

✨ ABOUT THE PRINT Nothing says “enchanted forest princess” quite like a collection of serene blues, cotton candy pinks and punchy periwinkles. Created by artist Svetlana Kononova, our Vintage Hearts Print includes a stunning array of pinks, blues and periwinkles with whimsical hearts, set on a silky smooth satin. We firmly believe that this print deserves an honorary spot in a certain Disney film, but we’ll let you be the judge of that 💖