Kids Rainbow Earthtone Bag

$52.00 USD

What happens when you combine rainbows and sunshine with a straw beach bag? You get a cute kid's bag worth more than a pot of gold. The Kid's Rainbow Beach Bag is handstitched with an adorable rainbow in our newest earth tone palette. All your kiddo needs are flip flops, pool toys, and this kid's beach tote to make it a real adventure. The kid's beach bag can be a toy bag, gift bag, shopping bag, or travel bag. It's easy to carry and hard to lose with a crossbody strap. The kid's beach tote bag is eco-friendly, handmade with seagrass, and water-resistant. The zipper pocket is easy to open and close for little hands. The easy-to-match natural earth tone colors pair nicely with any swim gear, beach gear, or beach dress.