Camel & Navy Winter Coat

$129.00 USD


Unlike coats in the past, this one features a full circle design so that it has the ability to be put over fluffy dresses and buttoned with ease. Paired with navy blue, each detail has been carefully crafted. I decided to add a girly detail with the bows at the pockets and I think it turned out just darling!

•Camel shell: 20% wool 80% polyester (it has the feel of wool, but is insanely soft to the touch and doesn’t wrinkle)
•Lining: 100% satin

Size charts chest/length

2/3 26.77/20.17
4/5 28.35/22.76
6 30.3/24.5
7/8 31.5/26.5
9/10 33.46/29.06
11/12 36.22/31.81
14/16 39.76/34.57

Coats are running true to size this year